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How To Cut Wig Into Bob?

With the arrival of winter, more and more people find it difficult to take care of long hair.If you happen to have one old long hair wig and want to change your hairstyle, you can cut your wig into bob hairstyle at home.

Cutting your old wig into bob can eliminates the need to purchase another wig and cuts off the damaged ends of hair strands on the wig. And cutting it into a bob could remove the damaged ends, can breathe new life into your old long wig, and contribute to the overall health and appearance of the wig. Following our steps, you’ll be able to get a Bob wig today on this blog.

Tips While Cutting Wig Into Bob

Remember to work slowly and carefully when cutting.
Wet hair is easier to cut and provides a cleaner finish.
Before cutting spend a few minutes gently brushing out your wig.
Take caution so that you don't cut your fingers doing this!!
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Tools You May Need to Cut Wig Into Bob

Your Old Long Wig
Wig Racks
Hair Cutting Sharp Scissor
Reversible Texturizer
Hair Ties and hairpins
Hot Straight Hair Comb

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STEP BY STEP GUIDES: Cutting Wig Into Bob Hairstyle

Step 1: Clean the Wig

Before cutting the hair, please ensure that the wig is clean and free-tangle.

Step 2: Wetting Hair ON the Wig

Wet the hair first to ensure precise hair length control. Dry hair is fluffy and can lead to inconsistent lengths after cutting.

Step 3: Determine the Hairstyle

Before cutting, determine the seam, style and length of the hairstyle to avoid irreparable accidents and not achieve the expected hairstyle.

Step 4: Divide the Hair into Three Sections

Use a hair comb to divide the hair into three parts, one part at the back of head, two parts on the either side of the wig. Hold the three sections in place separately with hair clips to ensure that they don’t fall off when cutting.

Step 5: Layer the Back of Hair

Take the hair at the back of the head and divide it into two layers. The bottom layer of hair is placed on the shoulders, and the remaining hair is fastened to the top of the head with hairpins to prevent it from galling.

Step 6: Determine Length

Pinch the remaining handful of hair with the index and middle fingers of your left hand, press it close to the root of hair at a 45-degree angle, slide your hand down until it slides to the desired length, and pick up the scissors with your left hand to cut it horizontally. Try to make 2-3cm longer than expected to ensure that there is room for modification at a later stage. (Tips: If you are left-handed, you can hold scissors in your left hand.)

Step 7: Cut the Hair

Drop the remaining top layer of hair and follow the method described above to cut it into a straight line from the outside to the inside. Hair cutting requires the use of straight blade of the hand to keep the hair horizontally straight. (Tips: pinch a small handful hair from the same spot on the both sides and cross-check to make sure the horizontal length is consistent.

Step 8: Cut the Remaining Hair

Pinch a small handful of hair on the left side, align the hair underneath and cut it in the same steps as above, making sure to be in the same horizontal line. Repeat the above steps and cut the right hair in the same way as the left side above. Consistency is the key factor in this process.

Step 9: Add Layers to the Hair

If you want the wig hair to look fluffier or more elegant, adding layers can achieve. Pinch a small handful hair, then use the reversible texturizer to trim the ends. Keep checking and comparing your trimmed hair to make sure it is the same length. The remaining hair use the same as the above steps to cut the layers. Repeat this action until the wig layer is complete.

Step 10: Checking Wig Length

Comb the entire wig hair, check the length of the wig, mix the ends together and trim out the long or loose hair. if the length is uneven, make small adjustments on the long side hair to maintain the horizontal length of the wig. It also trims off some of the overlooked individual strands of hair.

Step 11: Style the wig

Use your heated straightening comb to your wig. This will make your wig look smoother and shinier. You also can choose to wear it directly, without the need for this step.

To Sum Up

For hot girls, changing their hairstyles according to the season or mood, which is expected and satisfied. If they are in bad mood, changing the hairstyle can boost their mood; if it is a seasonal change, it will make them a totally different person. Changing hairstyles will add a touch of brightness to our dull lives.

By following the above guides, you will be able to obtain a new Bob wig. Winter is coming, find your old long wig and give it a makeover with us. Of course, welcome to Superlove Hair to purchase one Bob wig.

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