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How To Make Your Wig Look Real?

For wig-wearers, wearing wig is an easy way to change hair texture, hair color, or personal style. But how to make wig look real is also a common concern. Today we have sort out some tips on how to make your wig look natural. 
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If you want your human hair wigs looks more realistic, please follow the tips below.

1.Flatten your natural hair. Before wearing the wig, braid your natural together and wear a wig cap to flatten your hair, so it can avoid the wig looks bumpy after installing.

2.Pluck the wig or get a pre-plucked wig To get a natural look, you also need a realistic hairline. The edge of the wig may looks unnatural when it comes, since it has the same density with other parts hair. So you can pluck the hairline to make it blend flawlessly with your natural hairline. If you are beginners, don’t worry. There are many suppliers offer pre-plucked wig. You can get one directly to save effort and time.

3.Bleach knots due to the differences of wigs process flow , the knots of some wig will be more obvious, which will look fake. So you need to bleach the knots to make the color lighter and look more like natural hair. If you haven't done this before, you can seek help from a professional hairstylist or test it on a section of hair on an old wig, as improper operation can easily lead to hair loss or baldness.

4. Cut the lace along the hairline. After putting on the wig, adjust it to let the hairline blend well with your natural hair. Then pull the hair back from the face and secure it with clips before cutting. A useful tip is that divide the lace into several parts, tighten the lace, and cut slowly to avoid accidentally cutting the hairline.

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If you don’t have time to do the plucking, bleaching or cutting lace work, come and see Superlove top selling natural wigs. For these wigs, you just need to make your hair flatten, then put on wig and go out. It;s really suit for wig beginners and students or office lady who don't have too much time to style the wig.

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